Tournament description and registration process details
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  • Romania, Timisoara, "Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn" House, 10-12 Gh. Lazar st. (near "Piatza 700"),
    courtesy of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Banat.
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  • When
  • Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 May 2011

  • Description
  • Open, EGF "A" class competition, 5 round MacMahon style tournament, 6,5 komi, Japanese rules
  • Time limit of 60' per player, byo yomi 5' / 15 stones or 3 x 30'' / move
  • Saturday: I - 11:30; II - 15:00; III - 18:00
  • Sunday: IV - 09:00; V - 12.00
    Awards ceremony: Sunday at 15:00

  • Registration
  • Attendees must confirm their participation upon check-in, Saturday morning between 10:30 and 11:15.
  • If you must miss a round, or leave the tournament before the last round, please tell the main referee - Viorel Arsinoaia - as soon as you can, with at least 10 minutes before the round starts. Unannounced absentees that will miss the round, will lose the game on own time expiration.

  • Entry level
  • All players who have an EGF GoR rating are required to enter at a rank consistent with their latest GoR rating. Exceptions to this rule will be allowed only with the explicit approval of the main referee. Players who do not have GoR ratings must enter at a rank approved by the main referee.

  • Registration fee
  • General 20 RON, 10 RON for college students, free for high school students
  • Free for international participants

  • Award sections

  • General Ranking:
    I - 800 RON (~290 USD); II - 600 RON (~215 USD); III - 500 RON (~182 USD)
  • Set GO complet bambus
    In case of MSS equality, the prizes in objects will be awarded in the order of SOS and SOSOS criteria,
    and money prizes will be cumulated and split in equal amounts between the players with the same score.
    Currency Rates
  • The currency in Romania is the Romanian Leu (RON).
  • The Romanian Leu is divided into 100 bani.
  • In Romania it's not a common practice to pay for goods
    and services in foreign currency.
  • Transportation

    BY AIR

    Traian Vuia International Airport (TSR) - 
    The airport is located 10 Km from the city centre. Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals area.
    Bus #26 offers service to the city centre.

    Airlines with service to Timisoara:

    Lufthansa - 
    Direct flights from/to: Munchen

    Austrian Airlines - 
    Direct flights from/to: Vienna

    CarpatAir - 
    Direct flights from/to: Germany (Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart); France (Paris); Greece (Athena); Italy (Ancona, Bari, Bergamo/Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome/Fiumicino, Venice, Verona, Torino); Republic of Moldova (Chernivtsi, Chisinau); Ukraine (Lvov, Odessa)

    WizzAir - 
    Direct flights from/to: Germany (Dortmund); United Kingdom (London/Luton); Italy (Milan, Rome/Fiumicino, Venice); France (Paris); Spain (Barcelona, Valencia)


    Timisoara North - main train station
    There are daily trains from/to Belgrade (~6h), Budapest (~5h) and Vienna (~9h).

  •  Schedule of Trains from European Countries to Romania (2010)
  •  Schedule of Trains from Romania to European Countries (2010)

    BY BUS

    Eurolines - 
    Germany, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Maroc, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary.

    Atlassib - 
    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Greece.

    Double T - 
    Germany, Switzerland.

  • Accommodation
    Nikolaus Lenau high school dormitory-hotel - 
    We booked it in advance for the tournament participants.

  • Rooms with 6 places: 7 € / person / night
  • Rooms with 3 places: 15 € / person / night

    For reservation, please contact Cristian Bratu: 
  • If you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, please use also

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    The competition venue is located downtown (the area north of Bega river and south of the railways)

    Tournament organized by "Walter Schmidt" Timisoara Go Club and sponsored by          CSWS          Sponsor 2

    Event supported by
    CJT     DST     CLT
    Timis County Council  ::  Sports Department Timis  ::  Local Council of Timisoara
    ~  "Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn" House  ~