Walter Schmidt Cup
Timisoara, 2017
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Walter Schmidt Cup Timisoara, 19-20 August 2017


  1. Nikola Mitic - 6 Dan, Club UGK Student, Nis - Serbia
  2. Elian Ioan Grigoriu - 4 Dan, Club Atari Braila, Galati - Romania
  3. Ioan Alexandru Arsinoaia - 1 Dan, Club "Walter Schmidt", Timisoara - Romania
sala Sodexo Timisoara GO 1

 Detailed results Rezltate Cupa Walter Schmidt 2017


Dear GO players from around the world,
the members of the Timisoara GO Club have the honor to invite you to a new edition of the Walter Schmidt Cup!


Timisoara, Sodexo Canteen within  City Business Centre .
Coriolan Brediceanu street, no. 10 C (near the "700 Market").
Four minutes away from Victoria Square, five minutes from Unirii Square, three minutes from Lenau High School Hostel.

sala Sodexo Timisoara GO 1
The venue provides a good division of the playing area so that the small kyu juniors transit route does not intersect with the upper Dan tables. Also, the space benefits from an air conditioning system that will be functional during the competition.

sala Sodexo Timisoara GO 2
The City Business Center Timisoara building complex is a semi-enclosed architectural system that allows children to get out, in front of the building, without being exposed to car traffic. Also, the smokers outdoor location is spacious and elegant.

sala Sodexo Timisoara GO 3
Over the weekend, the staff of the business housed in this building is free, so the indoor public areas will not be crowded.


Saturday and Sunday, 19-20 of August 2017





Attendees must confirm their participation upon check-in, Saturday morning between 09:00 and 09:45.

If you must miss a round, or leave the tournament before the last round, please tell the main referee as soon as you can, with at least 30 minutes before the round starts.

Unannounced absentees that will miss the round, will lose the game on own time expiration.

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Enrollment rank:

All players who have an EGF GoR rating are required to enter at a rank consistent with their latest GoR rating. Exceptions to this rule will be allowed only with the explicit approval of the main referee.
Players who do not have GoR ratings must enter at a rank approved by the main referee.

Registration fee:


Award sections:

Until now, the total prize pool is 4.170 de RON (~900 EUR)

There will be at least these three categories: General Ranking, Youth (under 21 yo) and Children (under 16 yo).

In case of MSS equality, the prizes in objects will be awarded based on SOS and SOSOS criteria, and money prizes will be cumulated and split in equal amounts between the players with the same score.

Currency Rates:


We pre-booked Nikolaus Lenau High School dormitory-hostel for the tournament participants.

For reservation, please contact Cristian Bratu: 

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